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General information

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* If you were registered last season with us, either call or email and we will enroll student in class. 





Hip Hop

A style of dance taking inspiration from current trends in music videos, television, movies and hip hop music. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND  students also take a jazz class to become a stronger more knowledgable dancer and to be able to progress to higher levels.

Beginners will be assessed by instructors and placed in appropriate classes.

Dance Attire:

  • Indoor running shoes; non-marking sole – black upper with white sole
  • Light, comfortable clothing (no jeans)

Mini Hip Hop

Beginners 6 – 8 yrs

Jr A Hip Hop

Beginners 9 – 11 yrs

Jr B Hip Hop

Ages 10 -12 with experience

Teen HipHop

Ages 12 & up with limited experienc

Jr C Hip Hop

Teacher recommendation

Int Hip Hop

Teacher recommendation

Sr Hip Hop

Teacher recommendation


FUN FOR ALL! We offer a 10 week sessional. Minimum enrolment required. $150  Tuesday 8-9 pm



Our jazz program is a combination of modern and traditional jazz dance, all of which emphasizes strong technique, high energy, and strength.

We also offer separate technique classes which are recommended to ALL jazz students from Jr D and up. These classes are intended to work on flexibility,  strengthening the dancers’ body  and encouraging students to progressively reach their full potential. Dancers will be placed according to their style, strengths and combination of other classes they are taking.

Dancers are expected to come to class neatly groomed with hair pulled back and wearing proper attire and shoes.

Mini Jazz

6 – 7 years old

Beginner Jazz

8 – 10 years

Teen Jazz

11 – 13 years – beginners/limited experience

Open Jazz

12 years & up,  teacher recommendation

Jr A Jazz

7 – 9 years with experience

Jr B Jazz

Pre-requisite: Jr 1 Jazz or teacher recommendation

Jr C Jazz

Pre-requisite: Jr 2 Jazz or teacher recommendation

Jr D Jazz

Pre-requisite: Jr 3 Jazz or teacher recommendation

Jazz Technique

Strongly recommended for levels Jr 4 and up to work on strengthening and  flexibility to help dancers develop to their full potential. We will be working on progressions in turns and jumps as well as learning how to make our bodies work for us.

Int Jazz

Teacher recommendation

Sr Jazz

Teacher recommendation



With a strong base in ballet, Lyrical jazz is only for the experienced dancer.  Emotions and the understanding of life are portrayed through music & choreography. This  requires excellent technique to perform, as the moves are often difficult and precise yet fluid. Dancers can only register for this class if they are registered in ballet and/or jazz technique & jazz classes.

Please inquire if interested


12 years old and up

Intro to Dance (3 to 5 years old)

Boys & Girls

Once a week classes

Please see DressCode for required dancewear.

Ballet Steps – Sessional (8 weeks)  $75

FALL 2017


1 –  30 minute class per week

An introductory class to ballet, creative dance and classroom etiquette. Children are encouraged to explore through music and rhythms. Please call us for more information. 780-939-5414

Full year students will perform  in our Year End Recital in May. We also encourage Community Spirit in our studio and will also be performing in local Senior Care facilities.

Preschool – 3 years old

1 – 30 minute class per week

Through creative dance and ballet children are taught music appreciation and basic dance skills appropriate for their age and physical development.  We will focus on basic dance class etiquette, following direction and cooperation.

*NEW: we will start the season with ballet slippers. In January we will switch to Tap shoes.


Monday 2:30-3:00 pm    OR  Wednesday 5:15 – 5:45 pm  Or Saturday 9:30-10:00 am

PreKinder – 4 years old

1 – 45 minute class per week

Students will learn the basics of ballet and tap.  Fun and learning are combined with age appropriate music. Tap is essential for musicality and rhythm while ballet is essential to discipline.


Monday 1:45 – 2:30 pm   OR  Wednesday 4:30-5:15 pm   OR  Saturday 10:00-10:45


Kinderkids – 5 years old

1 – 45 minute class per week

Students are introduced to the basics of jazz, tap & ballet.  We combine learning and age appropriate physical skills with fun and appreciation of music.


Monday 5:45 – 6:30 pm   OR  Tuesday 4:30-5:15   OR Saturday 10:45-11:30 am



Our tap program follows the Al Gilbert syllabus which teaches the students a sense of rhythm, timing, and sound accuracy as well as, musical appreciation.

Dancers 11 years old  and up are encouraged to try our Beginner Tap class. After mastering the basics and terminology, dancers will progress on to more intricate rhythms and combinations. Rhythm & timing will benefit dancers in all of their other classes.

For Beginner tappers this season, we are offering a Tap Intensive Weeklong Workshop to introduce dancers to all the basics to practice before the season gets underway. It is recommended that registrants for the 2016-17 dance year attend this workshop.

Pre-Jr Tap 

6 yrs & graduates from Kinderkids.

Jr 1, 2 , 3, 4Tap

7 yrs and up, teacher recommendation

Beginner Tap

11 years & up –

Int Tap

Teacher recommendation


Dress Code

Click to view

Dress Code 2017-18

Dancewear can be purchased at the following stores:



ALL 4 DANCE in West Edmonton (right by Princess Auto for Dad’s)

ON STAGE in South Edmonton (right off Whyte Ave.)

All dancers are expected to come to class neatly groomed with hair back and off the face.

*Ballet grooming is first priority. Click on the links below for tips and tricks.

With proper tools and supplies, dancers 8 years old and up should be able to put their hair up for class on their own.  For your convenience, we will have hairnets and pins available for purchase during the year.


Ballet Bun – Youtube video 1

Ballet Bun – youtube video 2

Ballet Bun – youtube video 3

Ballet Bun – youtube video 4

For dancers with multiple classes during the evening that include a ballet class;  


Hair in a proper bun and ballet bodysuit and tights is acceptable for all other classes.

We will be holding a workshop to demonstrate ballet bun techniques before classes start, check back for dates and how to sign up.






We are excited to offer a 1 HOUR Back 2 Back Tap and Jazz class for 6 & 7 year olds. This program will continue with our Tap and Jazz basic skills training that is important to instill rhythm, body awareness, and basic dance technique.  Our focus on dance class etiquette, following direction, learning combinations and cooperation will continue and grow. The Winter presentation will be a tap routine and our first Dance Festival experience will also be tap. Our year end recital will also include a jazz routine.



We are excited to add Acro Dance classes to our studio repertoire.

Acrobatic Dance (Acro) is the fusion of classic dance technique with precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements. This challenging dance style includes balancing, limbering & flexibility (stretching), strength, tumbling and partnering. The roots of Acro are in traditional Chinese dance, which has gained popularity with the widespread success of contemporary productions such as Cirque du Soleil.

We follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus with step-by-step progressions for each level. Students learn proper placement and basic technique to progress safely, competently  and confidently through each level.

Students are required to wear a bodysuit (optionally jazz shorts and/or footless tights).  NO shoes are required.

Hair MUST be in a bun or french braid(s)  for safety issues.





Students are encouraged to enroll in ballet, which helps with poise, confidence, body strength and control. Ballet technique is the basis of all forms of dance.

All students are expected to attend class with hair in a bun and the required bodysuit, tights and ballet shoes.

The following is only a guideline, students are assessed by the instructor and assigned to appropriate levels for each individual.


Ages 6 & 7 years

45 minute class combining technique and choreography.

Grade 1/2 

1 hour per week

Combined technique and choreography class

Grade 2/3

2 classes – 1 hour choreography class + 1 hour technique class

Dancers must take technique classes in conjunction with a choreography class for performance.

Placed with teacher recommendation.

Grades 4 -7 

2 classes per week. Choreography and technique classes are co-requisite. Dancers must attend technique class along with choreography class for performance.


Pointe Technique

By recommendation only.

Teen Ballet Class

We welcome dancers with limited ballet experience. In this class we will be learning the basics and working on clean strong technique. This is an excellent class for experienced dancers who wish to become stronger jazz or hip hop dancers.


Musical Theatre – Sing, Dance & Act

Welcome our newest staff member Jennifer Moore!

Jennifer is a graduate of the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts and has been teaching musical theatre for 12 years.  Her fun and friendly approach to musical theatre helps her students discover their abilities and talents as they learn new ways to express themselves.

Students ages 8 to adult will learn the fundamentals of proper singing and also stage performance technique.

Contact the office for more information. We will be scheduling group classes  as well as private lessons.

Cheer Pom

Cassie Dalrymple is a former Edmonton Eskimo Cheerleader and Edmonton Prospects Dance Team Lead. She also has extensive Tap, Jazz, Ballet & HipHop training.

Join CheerPom class this year, for ages 6 -8. This high energy class will focus on precision, technique and of course working together as a team.


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